This question is related, but about 12.04: Alt+Tab doesn't work when Citrix is in full screen

I am using citrix 13.1 xenapp on Kubuntu 14.04, and the suggestions in that post don't work in this configuration.

I am unable to get alt-tab window switching working. I use an additional monitor docked to my laptop. Hence, I configure the xenapp session window size to the size of the external monitor (1920x1080). I have configured it using settings option in browser (after logging-in).

If I change the layout from 'custom dimensions' to 'fullscreen', alt-tab works. However, it then occupies all of the screen space, including the laptop's.


Interestingly Ctrl+Alt+Tab seems to work!

But of course I would like to know how can we know about these shortcuts.


Try this: click Ctrl+F2, then click alt+Tab.

  • nope, doesnt work at my end. I understand by 'ctrl+f2' to make window full-screen. and then use alt+tab normally. However, I have made window full-screen and still, alt-tab doesnt work :( May 11 '15 at 6:39

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