tried grub update and boot-repair but none working. this is the link which boot repair gave me http://paste.ubuntu.com/10923998/

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    Your sda2 has changed from NTFS to FAT32 and now also has some syslinux boot files and a command com. It need to be NTFS so that bootmgr & BCD are used. You cannot modify/repair main install to directly boot as Windows only boots from primary partitions and your main install is in sda6. It might be easier to backup bootmgr & BCD (and folders) and reformat sda2. But make sure you have a working Windows repair CD or flash drive. You may just able to change (not reformat) format back to NTFS.
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    Commented Apr 28, 2015 at 13:45
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Windows only boots from primary NTFS partitions with the boot flag. Since your install is in sda6 a logical partition, you cannot repair it directly to be bootable. You have to have a primary partition with bootmgr & BCD (and other files not normally shown in Summary repport).

You need to convert sda2 back to NTFS. It also shows some old DOS type boot files, so you must have converted it. But it has your bootmgr & BCD and boot flag, so it must have been your NTFS boot partition.

You may be able to use Disks or Disk Utility to just convert to NTFS or 07 type, but then may need to restore backup PBR or partition boot sector using testdisk. If you reformat be sure to first backup bootmgr, BCD & other Windows boot files.

Best to have a Windows repairCD or flash drive as then you can run those repairs.

And best to have Windows on primary partitions and Linux on the logical partitions. Linux does not care, but Windows really only likes primary NTFS partitions.

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