I have Ubuntu 14.10 and compiz version 0.9.12.

I want to enable some compiz effects (Wobbly Windows, Opacity, etc.) but when I run the command: compiz --replace It removes my wallpaper, workspaces, keyboard shortcuts, gnome dash, etc. And enable the compiz options, after restart, everything come back but compiz options disappear.

Anyone know why this occurs? I appreciate your help.

EDIT: I found some useful information here and also found the definition of that command (compiz --replace): "Replace any existing window managers".

Long story short: I select some options in CCSM, then execute compiz --replace, and happen what I said, the execute gnome-shell --replace and come back wallpaper, dash, keyboard shortcuts, etc. but compiz options disappear.

Question: How can I turn on some compiz option without replacing the window manager, using gnome-shell?

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You can't. You can only run one or the other.

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