I wanted to upgrade from 14.04 to 15.04. So first I made a backup using deja dup. After upgrading ubuntu, when I went to restore from that backup, It starts restoring then gets to restoring a chrome cache file and then it logs me out. Earlier when I tried, it put me on a black screen with only text, the only thing I could do is restart. Any help would be much appreciated

  • Oh man, I had the same issue. I thought I was the only one. The only difference with me that I have it saved on my external disk.
    – shriek
    May 18 '15 at 3:55
  • Hey, try restoring withing no other apps running. Just let the restore happen and see if that works.
    – shriek
    May 18 '15 at 4:08
  • @shriek I also had my backup saved on an external HDD. And it originally was running with no programs May 27 '15 at 9:31

I fixed it by running dejadup from a live USB and restoring the backup like that. Worked perfectly

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