I intend to use the numpad as the mouse. It's working, but the movement of the mouse is impractically slow.

Can anyone tell me how to increase the speed of the mouse pointer using when using the numpad?

I understand that in System Settings -> Mouse & Touchpad I can alter the speed of the mouse pointer when using the mouse. But that leaves the "nunmpad" mouse speed unaffected.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Found on google after visiting this question.

It's a hack but worked on my 14.04.

Install xkbset

sudo apt-get install xkbset

Open a terminal and run

watch -n 1 xkbset ma 60 10 10 5 10
  • This is ghastly. Why to run every second? – pacholik May 4 '17 at 8:24

I had the same problem, so i created tool : reachIt

Binaries are at : ubuntu_release

It divides the screen into multiple boxes recursively so that you can reach the location faster.

Demo Usage

Any constructive feedback is appreciated. It is also available on windows.

  • Nice work Man (y) – Mohan Mar 9 '18 at 5:12

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