I'm extremely new to linux and i'm looking into using linux because my windows trial is running out and I don't have the money to buy a copy. I've been running ubuntu off of a usb to try it out, but I hit a snag. I have a Netgear N600 Dual band usb adapter that isen't supported by the linux. I followed the steps here : USB wireless Netgear adapter - and it kinda of (?) worked. The light blinks but when I try connecting to my network (A list of networks appears) it'll stay orange, ask me for a password - start blinking blue and orange then once I click connect it'll completely turn off then the process will restart in a loop. The funny thing is if i try connecting to the hotspot on my phone it can connect, I'm at a loss here please help!Ethernet is not an option for where i'm at. Thank you in advance.


Have you tried enter this in the terminal:

rfkill list up
lsmod wlan0 
nmap -v -iR google.com

and then make a script and run it might work this way:


 Case ![$] in
    network=<ip adr here>
    gksu <ip adr here>
    nmcli Cl asleep=false
    resolvconf network >>

and it might work fine this way.

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