I am trying to install a vagrant instance while I am sitting in a group on a congress. Since we don't have such a big bandwidth here, I would like to limit the bandwidth of the initial download of the vagrant box.

Is there a simple way how to limit the throughput of my wireless card right now?

  • UPDATE: the answer doesn't work, the bandwidth goes down to 0 after a short time
    – rubo77
    Apr 25 '15 at 21:54

As suggested in the duplicate, you can simply use:

sudo apt-get install wondershaper

In terminal find out what is the name of the interface connected to your internet by using ifconfig. Could be eth0, wlan0, etc... In my case is wlan0. So I would do this:

sudo wondershaper wlan0 1024 256

This will give me a download speed of 1024 Kbits and 256 Kbits upload, which is 128KB and 16KB.

You can reset your card with this:

sudo wondershaper clear wlan0

NOTE: That will limit ANYTHING in your PC, for example the torrent downloader, firefox, etc..

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