I'm relatively new to this scene and I haven't got a clue how to figure out the output of this. I hope someone can assist as I really want to learn how.

date -u +%F | sha1sum | head -c8; echo

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Using date and sha1sum

date -u +%F | sha1sum | head -c8;  echo
  • date -u +%F

    prints the system date and time

    E.G. 2015-04-24

    • -u- UTC instead of CEST
    • +%F - full date; same as %Y-%m-%d
  • sha1sum

    compute SHA1 message digest

    E.G. e1a9d1a9de6f784ae30c6c1d5be9fc897ea5e4ec -

  • head -c8

    output the first part of files

    E.G. e1a9d1a9%

    • -c8 - print the first 8K bytes
  • echo

    display a line of text

    E.G. e1a9d1a9

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