Gi, guys. My problem is that I encrypted some files with 7zip (AES-256), but I forgot the password for the archive.

As I see it, the solutions are brute forcing it with john the ripper or RarCrack. While Rarcrack is fairly easy to use, I remember a part of my password and I want to optimize the process.

Rarcrack allows you to specify the characters with which you are going to bruteforce the archive, but it does not allow you to set a starting word (as far as I know).

Let's say my password was test1234. Instead of trying with chars tes0123456789, I want to start the bruteforcing with the string "test" and then try with 0123456789.

Anyone knows a way of doing that?

  • Approximately how long was your password? – John Apr 23 '15 at 20:26

You can use 7zrecover, it is easy to use and if you know what words could be in your password you will get it back pretty fast.

7z encryption is a pain ass, it is specially made to slow brute force attacks. Good luck!

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