I'm running ubuntu maas 1.7 and I have a node deployment problem. I use one physical server and an VM as node for deployment. Nodes commissioning and provisionning goes well, but when I prepare my node for ubuntu installation (juju charm is configured), my nodes boot but I can see in boot sequence that the image loaded by the PXE is unable to find / partition on my server and on my system. Any idea of how I can solve this ?



A few things to check:

  • Verify that MAAS has the images you want to deploy in terms of Ubuntu releases and architecture.
  • Verify that your VM has a big enough disk for an Ubuntu installation (say, give it 10G)
  • Verify in MAAS that the node (VM) hardware is correct, i.e., that MAAS discovered the hardware correctly specially regarding the disk.
  • I don't remember if virt-io for disks is supported, so if you have that in your VM, try switching to SCSI or SATA (and recommission or even re-enlist so the new hardware is detected).
  • Check in the MAAS server logs if there is something fishy (/var/log/maas/*.log) during the boot. Maybe it's not finding the right image and that's the right failure.

If you change the hardware of the VM, don't forget to recommission, or even re-enlist if you suspect it wasn't updated in MAAS.

Other than that, you will need to supply some logs or screenshots.

Hope this helps.

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