I would like to add my own custom emblems in Thunar, Xubuntu 14.04. I have created the necessary 10x10, 16x16, 22x22, etc. png files for my emblem and copied them here at their corresponding directories for the icon theme I am using, elementary Xfce darkest. For example my-emblem22x22.png was copied to each of the following and so forth for each size.


However, after logging out and in again my custom emblem does not appear in Thunar. Any ideas? Much thanks in advance.


Try this link, I think it will tell you how to accomplish your objective.

How does one create emblems to work with Thunar?

[...] Add the correct files to the "emblems" folder of your icon theme. Make sure you prefix the name of the file with "emblem-" and run "gtk-update-icon-cache" on the theme's directory file containing the "index.theme" file. Should show up immediately.

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  • Please include essential parts of the solution. Links might break some day – Severus Tux Nov 24 '16 at 15:29

I found the answer at the link. However, I could not get the emblem to stay for a partition. This is documented in the comments there. How do I set emblems in Thunar without the GUI?

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