I've been using Ubuntu for pretty long time and am quite experienced with it. But recently I discovered a new problem that I can't resolve on my own.

My system is as follows:

  • AMD E-450 1.65
  • AMD Radeon HD 6320 with latest ATI Catalyst linux drivers
  • (AMD Catalyst 14.12 Omega linux drivers)
  • Ubuntu 14.04.02 64 bit system is up to date - a fresh installation
  • kernel - Linux 3.16.0-34-generic
  • 4 Partitions: Swap 4GB, Ubuntu 80 GB, Windows 7 160 GB, Data over 200 GB
  • using burg for system choose with better splash look

When the system is booting I see a line with:

[    2.459938] ACPI : [Package] has zero elements (ffff880232749800)

After that the system seems to work as it should maybe slower sometimes it stuck for a few sec and work again and it's quite annoying to see that kind of line under boot.

A few months back when 14.04.01 was the latest Ubuntu version everything was perfect until 14.04.02 came out. I tried every possible way to resolve that problem: I wiped and did a fresh install again, changed drivers, kernel etc. But without success. It must be something do with 14.04.02. Something seems to have changed and created the problem but I don't know what exactly.

It doesn't matter if I change drivers or even kernel version. I tried from 3.13. to 3.19 last stable and problem still is there.

When I add acpi=off noapic to boot line the problem is gone but the system doesn't work normally.

As I wrote above even after a fresh installation without any changes the problem still shows. I though maybe it happen after my changes in system but its not true.

I read a few topics with ACPI has zero elements but all goes to use line acpi=off and they were very old for Ubuntu 11.04 or 12.10.

Does anyone have a idea how to resolve this?

  • Resolve what exactly? You mention a few things that may or may not be related, but it remains unclear, which problem you want resolved. – David Foerster Jun 10 '15 at 22:35

What are the problems that you are facing with acpi=off ? Have you tried acpi=force -- that has been also noted to have been helpful to some (but was causing some other problems to me)? Also, have you tried setting the acpi= parameter (either off or force) to BOTH /etc/default/grub's GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" line AND GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX= line (but to only one at a time, of course!)?

Your problem doesn't seem exactly like what I've had and have. But similar enough that you might want to see if this would be the same issue.

As things are I have gotten Ubuntu installed ok with the details linked below and am having problems with powering down and the internal keyboard/trackpad. I can live with these, however -- until I've solved them.

The solution that allowed me to install Ubuntu together + details of the two (new) problems I have have -- is here. I'll be looking next into the shutdown/reboot problem, probably using this thread as the first step.

Hope this helps!

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