I need to install my Nvidia driver. In order to do that I need to stop the X server. Stopping X server:

sudo service lightdm stop

makes my screen go blank. Trying Ctrl-Alt-F1 first makes my screen go blank as well. All I can do in both scenarios is a hard reboot.


This was fixed by uncommenting the GRUB_TERMINAL line in GRUB's config file, for example, you could use sed:

sudo sed -i 's/#GRUB_TERMINAL/GRUB_TERMINAL/' /etc/default/grub

Or you could do

sudoedit /etc/default/grub

find the line #GRUB_TERMINAL and remove the #from the start. Save and exit.

Either way, after editing the file, you must run

sudo update-grub

to make the changes effective.

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You can disable lightdm by running

sudo systemctl disable lightdm.service

then reboot and install your driver, then

sudo systemctl enable lightdm.service --now

when you're done

I might be wrong on the name of the service, or even the whole method

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