I am planning to get an eeebook X205 but I want to be sure that I can run Ubuntu with wireless and sound. There is an article (https://github.com/lopaka/instructions/blob/master/ubuntu-14.10-install-asus-x205ta.md) that describes the installation and issues with wireless and sound drivers but that is around 5 months old.

Has anyone been able to run Ubuntu (or any other distro) that fully recognizes the hardware on this device?

I'm running Ubuntu 14.10 on my X205TA. Right now the major gripe for me is that audio doesn't work. I would recommend that you do get the laptop if you're okay with using Windows for a while. It is a really good laptop for the price.

I followed instructions from the following pages

What works for me right now

  • WiFi - Installed the latest linux 4.0 kernel and then followed instructions from the debian page.
  • Battery Meter - Works out of the box once you install the linux 4.0 kernel.
  • Brightness works if you add the boot flag acpi=force to grub.

Before getting the inbuilt WiFi fixed, I used my android phone to connect to my WiFi using USB tethering. That helped in following all the instructions and not having to juggle files from my desktop to this laptop.

Please make sure you don't wipe your entire drive, since you need some files from the windows partition to get WiFi to work.

  • Life wont be good if audio isn't working. I think I will get HP Stream 13 instead. It comes at the same price in my country. Thanks for the info :) – Faisal May 5 '15 at 16:00
  • Well so much hassle and still half baked solution. – Aubergine May 27 '15 at 20:45

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