I need to recompile the kernel and I'm not sure what config file is the best

Should I use make oldconfig or make defconfig

I need all the features and modules that are installed by default in a Ubuntu Server kernel

Thank you


Just steal the config file for the Ubuntu version of the kernel you want to build. For example, say you wanted to compile kernel 4.0 yourself. Go to the kernel PPA, get and install the kernel. Then from your build location do:

cp /boot/config-4.0.0-040000-lowlatency .config

where in my example, I have used the lowlatency kernel, you might use a different version. Now, and this is very important, the Ubuntu default configuration file has all debug information enabled. Such a kernel will take at least twice as long to compile and be huge. Before you compile do this:

scripts/config --disable DEBUG_INFO

I compile kernels several times per week and have never run any make config stuff.


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