I am working on a system running Ubuntu 14.10 in which I have started programming on Qt5.

Before for few months when I was working on Qt, I found that that QT-assistant tool really comes in handy. I checked the directory /usr/share/qt5/, and I was able to find all the .qch file there which are required by qt-assistant.

The problem is I am unable to find the qt-assistant program online, the link or a PPA repository or something to install it for qt5. If anyone knows how to install qt5-assistant on Ubuntu 14.10, kindly let me know.


QT assistant is packaged as part of qttools5-dev-tools, you will also want qt5-doc for the QT5 SDK documentation.

To install run the following command:

sudo apt-get install qt5-doc qttools5-dev-tools

To launch you can run this command from a terminal:


You may want to create a desktop file to make it launchable from the desktop or menu tool, either in /usr/share/applications for any user to be able to use it (you will need administrator permissions) or to ~/.local/share/applications

I created one called assistant-qt5.desktop with the following:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Qt 5 Assistant
GenericName=Document Browser

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