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I want to do a Proof of concept (Multi node) on MAAS/juju and I'd like to know how many nodes juju needs to install Openstack ? How many NIC ? How many network 1,2,3 ? it is possible with 1 network ?

Can I control where the controller, the compute or cinder will be install on my maas cluster ? (which server?)

I don't want to use devstack or other tools "all-in-one" sorry to ask but on all my researchs, it's still not clear !

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If you use the latest Landscape Autopilot, LDS 15.01, then you need at least:

  • one machine for MAAS
  • one machine for LDS
  • 3 machines for OpenStack

Details about the networking setup can be found here:


Or at this askubuntu q&a:

How should I setup MAAS so that it can be used by the Canonical OpenStack Autopilot?

  • Thanks for your help !! But Have you any idea how Openstack will be install on the maas-cluster ? where the controller, compute or cinder will be install on my maas cluster ? Can I choose to install on 1 specific node my controller for example ? – Dgn_OABS Apr 15 '15 at 14:58
  • Not with the Autopilot. The idea is that it makes those decisions for you. – Andreas Hasenack Apr 15 '15 at 18:16

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