I am trying to install the canon MG6200 driver hoping that i can print double sided after that. I have extracted the tarball and ran the install.sh file. This gives me this output:

root@user-Lenovo-B575e:/home/user/Downloads# cd ./cnijfilter-mg6200series-3.60-1-rpm

root@user-Lenovo-B575e:/home/user/Downloads/cnijfilter-mg6200series-3.60-1-rpm# ./install.sh

Canon Inkjet Printer Driver Version 3.60 Copyright CANON INC. 2001-2011 All Rights Reserved.

================================================== An error occurred. A necessary package could not be found in the proper location. root@user-Lenovo-B575e:/home/user/Downloads/cnijfilter-mg6200series-3.60-1-rpm#

Any ideas how to solve this would be immensly appreciated.


Notice the "rpm" part in : "cnijfilter-mg6200series-3.60-1-rpm", even know a script it could only work for RedHat and other rpm distros.

There is a much more easy and better way to get your printer working.

Go to system settings by opening dash (that thing in the upper left with the Ubuntu logo) and then type and click on system settings and the click the printers menu. You will be guided by a wizard.

I looked it up for you and your printer is in the database.

  • Oh great. I didnt know that was a possibility. Ill try that when i get Home. Thanks for your help – Thenoobienoob Apr 14 '15 at 10:15

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