I have an Internet connection and can browse, but I can't ping the google DNS,


nor can I ping google.com

Any ideas why this might occur?

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    Can you ping other external sites/IPs ?
    – heemayl
    Apr 11 '15 at 23:34
  • Yeah, I can ping my router, which my computer is not a member of.
    – dylan7
    Apr 11 '15 at 23:35
  • I mean can you ping e.g. or askubuntu.com ?
    – heemayl
    Apr 11 '15 at 23:37
  • No I am not able to.
    – dylan7
    Apr 11 '15 at 23:39
  • check my answer please.
    – heemayl
    Apr 11 '15 at 23:42

Your Firewall is configured to block all ICMP packets. As a result you cannot send ICMP echo request packets to external networks.

To resolve this issue you need to contact the network administrator and request that they disable this firewall rule.

  • Thank you. I am also having an issue connecting to my VPN to a router hosting a sub-network under the same network as my computer. Is the reason the same reason why I can't ping?
    – dylan7
    Apr 11 '15 at 23:45
  • Might be..a rule can be added for that too..further diagnosis needed for that......your network administrator can confirm you..
    – heemayl
    Apr 11 '15 at 23:47
  • what will the network administrator do?
    – vefthym
    Oct 11 '16 at 11:07

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