I am trying to automatically mount a CIFS share on a Synology NAS during boot time. I am on a 14.04 LTS Workstation.

Everything works fine when I manually mount the share using the fstab entry, however, I have to repeat this step every time I am logged in.

I installed the cifs-utils and amended the fstab as follows:

//192.168.0.xxx/share /Volumes/share cifs iocharset=utf8,credentials=/var/xxx/.smb 0 0 

.smb contains the username= and passwd= settings, different locations were tried.

The entry seems to work as I can either use mount -a or mount /Volumes/share to successfully mount the share.

Any ideas, why the automount during boot fails? So far I've tried various solutions including the _netdev option, which does however seem to break the entry.

TIA for your answers.

  • It could possibly be failing because the network isn't up by the time the cifs mount is attempted. You could try putting a script with mount /Volumes/share in an executable script in /etc/network/if-up.d so that it mounts after the network goes up. – zhongfu Apr 12 '15 at 1:25
  • just tried it, unfortunately no difference, the share is still not mounted upon boot – Styrofoam Apr 12 '15 at 2:08
  • 1
    Hmm, this might help then. As a bonus, you can set it to only mount when connected to certain networks. – zhongfu Apr 12 '15 at 2:24

thanks zhongfu, this was the path to the solution.

I had to change the arch-script to this to work:

if [ "$2" = "up" ]
    mount /Volumes/share &

location of the script:


Owner: root, mode 755

Now it works like a charm :-)

BTW: it could be related to my system booting off an SSD, the network actually is started after the login prompt is displayed

thanks again :-)

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