I just received a notification for BitTorrent Sync 2.0 to upgrade. It takes me to a downloads page on the website, and I pulled down the appropriate package for my architecture (x64), kinda lost as to what I do next.

Some help would rock : )


The way I normally upgrade is more of a manual process:

  • Go to https://www.getsync.com/platforms/desktop, click the
    appropriate Linux link. Cancel the download and you should see the
    "Click here if your download didn't already happen." message
  • Right-click this link and copy the URL to clipboard or write it down
  • On the Linux server, create a temp folder somewhere, and run the
    "wget " command to download the file to temp folder
  • From the temp folder, run "tar xf" to extract the btsync files
  • At this point I normally stop the existing btsync service using the "kill" command, renamed the existing executable to btsync_xxx (where xxx is the existing version)
  • Copy the new executable from temp folder to your current btsync folder - you now have the previous exec and the new exec available
  • Run the new exec; if all goes well, you should be able to login via web interface with all previous folders and settings in place

If you are using a Linux GUI, double-clicking the downloaded file should allow you to extract the btsync executable.

Might be a good idea to stop the app, rename the existing file and then extract the new one to the same folder.

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