I am using kde:plasma version 4.13.3 in ubuntu 14.04 and it works great in most ways, but on my laptop I frequently use it as my "media center" pc. I hook it up to the TV through the HDMI port. When I do that everything works great. The sound for Netflix, VLC, Desktop Sound, Hangouts, etc.... but after I disconnect the HDMI cable I can no longer hear sound from Netflix, YouTube, or any other browser based audio. I tested this in Firefox and Google Chrome.

I am guessing this is controlled separately some how. Appreciate the help.

  • Install pavucontrol and use it to switch the audio output to internal speakers, after disconnecting the HDMI cable.
    – user68186
    Apr 9 '15 at 16:03

try clicking the speeker icon (kmix) in the system tray ,,,,,,,you will see the firefox,chrome, audio streem volume slider ,,,,,,,,right click the icon at the top of the slider ,,,,,you will see a move to option ,,,,point at it and select the "analogue stereo"


  • Welcome to Ask Ubuntu, Could you please clarify your answer? In its current form it is very hard to read. Apr 12 '15 at 0:17
  • 1
    Or perhaps a screen shot ;)
    – Panther
    Apr 12 '15 at 0:24
  • not allowed to post screenshots yet :( Apr 12 '15 at 2:52
  • not allowed to post screenshots yet :( I have been using Kubuntu sense 2009 and what I posted are the exact steps to redirect the browser audio stream from the HDMI device to the analogue stereo device in the Quickest and easiest manor without putsing around in system settings or installing an extra volume control IE:pavucontrole (pulse audio volume control) Apr 12 '15 at 3:03
  • screenshot @hear kubuntuforums.net/… Apr 12 '15 at 3:09

User68186 is right, the HDMI hogs the sound, this happens after upgrades too! Leftclick the small speaker in the upper right corner and chose "Sound Settings" enter image description here Go to Output devises and check, The sound is vissible as a voobling blue line, and its still attached to hdmi, click on internal speakers, it vill start playing from the speakers, eaven if you have to select it a couble of times.

  • what program is that? I only have KMix in the system tray.
    – Goddard
    Apr 9 '15 at 16:58

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