I have to enter ./btsync in the terminal every time I reboot. Then I have to open a browser and enter my username and password, kind of a pita. Do have to make or edit an init file? Yes I am new to Linux. I am using the latest version of btsync, which btw is so much faster and convenient than (expletive) Samba.

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I have edited my cron to launch it at every start-up.

  1. Edit cron with crontab -e

  2. insert a line at the end with the following command:

    @reboot /absolute/path/to/your/btsync

You might end up with a few different editors:

  • Using vim/vi you would need to press I to enter typing mode and Esc to quit typing mode, then type :wq and Enter to save + quit
  • Using nano, you can start typing immediately, then press Ctrl+O followed by Enter to save and then Ctrl+X to quit

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