I tested creating an ODT file and searching for a word inside the file. As far as I can tell, the ubuntu dash cannot search inside ODT files.

But maybe I missed an option/there is some indexing and the file will appear in the dash latter.

Does the dash search inside ODT files ? Is there a way to make it do those searches ?

  • is there a shell program that can parse ODT files? (I think there is, but I can recall. ) i'll look into it. what type of output are you expecting? are you trying search ODT files by key words? do you want a list of files to come up in dash that have keywords you might type? this might get you started: askubuntu.com/questions/37814/… – j0h Apr 8 '15 at 17:48
  • yes, I want a list of files to appear in the dash. These files are the files that contain the keywords – josinalvo Apr 8 '15 at 21:11

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