I'm using Libreoffice in Ubuntu 14.04 with unity.

What I have is a libreoffice writer file which looks like, say


brown fox

over the lazy


I would like to convert it into single paragraph, so that it looks like

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

How would I do this, with minimum efforts?


With Regular Expressions search enabled, search for $ and replace with a space. You may do another search/replace to reduce multiple spaces to one space.

Alternatively, you may first remove all empty paragraphs using a regex search for ^$, replacing it with "nothing" (empty string), and afterwards replace the paragraph marks by spaces as described.

enter image description here

Take care that this search/replace may affect the entire document - if you want to preserve some paragraph marks, you should first select the text to edit and restrict the search/replace to "current selection only" (option just above the regex option).

See also the OpenOffice documentation on search/replace using regular expressions - those explanations and advices often apply to LibreOffice, too.

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