I need a way to run an info screen. I have a video file that it's supposed to play, how could I automate ubuntu to open the file in for example VLC and play in full screen? I'll probably use auto-on and off in BIOS.

  • Search for Startup Applications in dash and open it.
  • Open the Startup Applications and click Add
  • Fill the fields as follows replacing <my_username> by your username and the following path by the video path where <the_video.mp4> is the video:

    • Name: Open my awesome video
    • Command: vlc -L -f <video_path>
    • Comment: You can leave me blank

  1. vlc: yes, you guessed it! it's the command.
  2. -L: Plays the video infinitely (when it ends, then starts again).
  3. -f: Puts in fullscreen automatically.
  4. <video_path>: The absolute path of the video. A valid path is this:


    Where johndoe is the user.

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