I have recently installed 14.04 Ubuntu on my Chromebook using crouton. I am not much of a Ubuntu person, nor Linux. My Chromebooks capacity is 16 GB, and I only get to use about 8-9 GB. I already installed League of Legends using PlayOnLinux, so I am left with around 2 GB. I went to the store and bought a 32 GB flash drive to install my games on instead. How do i do this? I have the game installers, skyrim, gta, etc.. Just need to be able to install them on to the flash drive and be able to run them from the flash drive. (pretty much another wine C:/ on the flash drive. Thanks in advance, if this cant be done then just please tell me. Thank you! :)

Also first time using this website so if I am doing something wrong i don't mean to.

  • I made a letter in Drive Mapping to my USB Drive but when i install Skyrim it still installs it to the C on my computers 16gb of memory :( – Lucas Heer Apr 7 '15 at 1:29

I hope you're using separate Wine prefixes for each application managed by Wine/POL, because that would make the following much easier.

PlayOnLinux stores its Wine prefixes underneath ~/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefixes/. As with all files and directories, you can move any or all prefixes anywhere else and then place a symbolic link to the new location at their old place.

Let's assume, that you have a secondary storage drive mounted at /media/mystorage. There are now two alternatives:

  • To move all existing and future Wine prefixes managed by POL:

    mv -T ~/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefixes /media/mystorage/wineprefixes
    ln -sT /media/mystorage/wineprefixes ~/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefixes
  • To move only some Wine prefixes managed by POL (in this example called warcraft, steam, LoL)

    1. create a directory /media/mystorage/wineprefixes

    2. and run

      for f in warcraft steam LoL; do
          mv -T ~/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefixes/"$f" /media/mystorage/wineprefixes/"$f"
          ln -sT /media/mystorage/wineprefixes/"$f" ~/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefixes/"$f"

      You need to repeat this step for every new Wine prefix, that you want to move somewhere else.

    With some trickery you can

    1. create a new Wine prefix through POL by starting a new installation process,
    2. abort the installation process after creating the Wine prefix,
    3. move the prefix as described earlier, and
    4. only then install the Windows application by choosing to alter an existing prefix.

There's also an entry in the official PlayOnLinux wiki: How to move PlayOnLinux virtual drives to another disk

  • Thank you! I made my secondary drive but couldnt figure it out after that. I then tried to run Wine media/.../games/skyrimlauncher.exe and it worked! with the other drive added. Although when i run Skyrim now I ran in to a problem. My sound is choppy. I have fixed this before in winetricks -> settings -> change sound to ALSA. But for some reason why i try to change settings in winetricks it pauses for a second and just goes back. doesnt allow me to change settings, I cant even enter the page. – Lucas Heer Apr 7 '15 at 3:40
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  • I'm sorry but Ask Ubuntu is not a forum but a Question&Answer site: It works best if you ask one question, so you can receive one answer. When you ask multiple questions, you need to find one expert versed in multiple areas which becomes more unlikely the more questions you put into... well, one question! ;-) So please, split up your question into multiple questions and drop me a comment so I can answer one of your questions. – David Foerster Apr 7 '15 at 3:44
  • My problem is that Skyrim sound is choppy, crackly, and I cannot open change settings from winetricks to change sound to ALSA. Is this a bug or something? How can i fix this? – Lucas Heer Apr 7 '15 at 3:50

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