I am using ubuntu 14.04.02 server. I have juju installed on the same server(MaaS server). I have successfully bootstrap the MaaS environment and have juju-gui working. I have 1 node allocated to root ( the bootstrapped node) and 2 nodes on ready state. Now when I intended to deploy mysql+wordpress I have the following issue:

I did the following commands:

juju add-machine --constraints “mem=4G” juju deploy --to 1 –-repository=/opt/charms local:trusty/mysql


juju add-machine --constraints “mem=4G” juju deploy --to 2 –-repository=/opt/charms local:trusty/wordpress enter image description here

How do I solve this problem? Thanks in advance!

I am going to share here my configuration, correct me if I have some mistakes here!

enter image description here

enter image description here

One of the nodes in ready state;configuration

enter image description here

My juju-gui at the moment!

enter image description here


Does this work after bootstrap?

juju deploy --repository=/opt/charms local:trusty/mysql
juju deploy --repository=/opt/charms local:trusty/wordpress 

There is no need to add-machine and then deploy.

You can also specify --constraints in the deploy command line if needed, but let's start simple.

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