I have an iMac with a PowerPC chip in it. Can Ubuntu run on it? I have Mac OS X 10.4.11 running on it right now. The brand is Apple.


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You should be able to run Ubuntu on your PowerPC Mac; you just need to get the PowerPC version.

Some third-party software is not provided for PowerPC and thus won't work, and since the PPC architecture is community-supported and has a relatively small installed user base these days, you may experience a few more bugs. But I say go for it--especially since Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger is completely unsupported and no longer receives updates even for newly discovered security vulnerabilities.

See these resources for more information:

Lubuntu is particularly lightweight, so especially if this is an older PPC Mac (G3 or G3), you might consider using that. Ubuntu MATE is also lighter-weight than "vanilla" Ubuntu and has a (much reported on) PPC version.

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