I accidentally ran chmod 777 * in my home folder and it changed all the directory permissions (but not for the files).

How can I undo this?


Best to run this:

sudo chmod -R a+rwX,o-w /home/$USER

All directories will be 775. All files will be 664 except those that were set as executable to begin with. $USER is your name which normally is a system variable.

echo $USER

This discusses one specific error, but also has the suggested defaults.


More info on permissions:


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    As the OP has only changed the permissions on the home directory's level (he/she didn't use recursion) I don't like the idea to 'correct' this with a recursive chmod command. Perhaps there were permissions somewhere below that shouldn't be reset. – muclux Jul 15 '18 at 9:02

The default permissions for the home folder is 755 :) Run chmod again as last time.

chmod 755 *
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While chmod -R is good in some ways, I find it lacks some control. I prefer to use find in conjunction with chmod. To reset only your directory permissions, you can do something like the following (assuming you're logged in as the owner):

cd /home/$USER
find . -type d -exec chmod -fv 755 {} \;
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