When I go into the network settings in Ubuntu Gnome 14.10 (Which I heard is now a official flavour of Ubuntu) it usually says it's connected but at 10Mbs which is extremely slow and barely scratches the surface of my 30Mbs speed. I know my Ethernet card is capable of connecting up to 1Gbs! When I turn off the Ethernet and turn it back on, it just puts it back at 10Mbs! Once I unplug the cable and put it back in, it says "Cable Unplugged" when it's plugged in! My Ethernet card is a Realtek 8111 I think. Here is a pastebin for what is says for.

sudo lshw -C network

I just turned off the computer, removed the battery and left it for 15 minutes. Then it jumped back to 1Gbps.


10Mbps is standard fall-back mode for when things are not quite clicking as they should. Causes could be either:

  • NIC of the laptop
  • network cable used is defective or with strange wiring or not crimped well
  • port on the switch you're connecting is bad

It would be best if you can try plugging the laptop with same cable on a known good switch port and see what it gives you, then replace the cable, until you find root cause.

  • I tried a different cable with the system already booted and it says "Cable Unplugged". I will try the Ethernet on my Windows dual boot and see if I get the same thing with the other cable and the new cable. I will also restart the system to see if it switches to 1Gbs on the different cable when I boot into Ubuntu. – Jacky Apr 2 '15 at 17:44
  • After rebooting the computer with the new cable and running a speed test on Ubuntu I got 9Mbps for download. So basically 10Mbps cap again. On Windows everything is flipped upside down so I get my usual 1Gbps cap and 30Mbps download on speedtest. What is going on???? – Jacky Apr 2 '15 at 19:34

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