How can I disable the Keyboard Shortcut ctrl+shift+c in Google Chrome to bring up the Developer Tools console?

I find myself trying to copy+paste content from the browser and mistakenly typing ctrl+shift+c when I really want to do ctrl+c instead.

How can I disable the current keyboard binding or change ctrl+shift+c to do the same as ctrl+c in Google Chrome?


I've managed to make it work with shortkeys:

  • Keyboard shortcut: ctrl+shift+c
  • Behavior: Run JavaScript
  • Javascript code to run: document.execCommand('copy')

Then just hit Save and reload tabs for the new setting to take effect.



The originally suggested solution is no longer available.

The one provided by Paweł Prażak currently work and actually copies the text to the clipboard.

I was able to successfully override the Ctrl+Shift+C shortcut by using the Shortcut Manager extension and creating a new shortcut for the key combination.

You can then reassign it to trigger a host of pre-configured actions, or any javascript / bookmarklet code of your choosing. I don't really have any experience with javascript, so I can't really figure out how to make it act like Ctrl+C, but as far simply preventing it from bringing up the Developer Tools console, simply setting it to execute:


seems to work.


You can do that with Shortcut Manager and document.execCommand('copy') command, which were added to Google Chrome 43+ (~April 2015)

enter image description here

  • as of 2018 the Shortcut Manager is not there anymore, you can try shortkeys but it has a very small user base. – Paweł Prażak Jan 2 '18 at 20:05

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