A very simple question

Which Nvidia driver is best to install?

The latest Nvidia driver from nvidia website which is 346.47


Nvidia-331.113 from Additional Drivers tool?

I have updated my kernel version to 3.18.3-031803-generic


Which drivers to install depends entirely on how you use your system. The 331.113 drivers are generally more stable as they have been extensively tested for the current version of Ubuntu and are much less likely to malfunction than the latest drivers, the 346.47 drivers on the other hand use bleeding-edge technologies that may improve performance of video games and in some cases add additional features not seen in the older drivers, One example of this is that the 331.113 drivers do not support resolutions above 1920x1080 through HDMI while the 346.47 drivers can support additional resolutions but are generally less stable than the 331.113 drivers.

In summary, If you require stability then it is better to use the 331.113 drivers but if you require improved performance for video games or need any additional features provided by the newer drivers then it may be better to go for the 346.47 drivers instead.

Additionally, if you do decide to use the 346.47 drivers then it may to easier to install them using the xorg-edgers ppa which will allow you to install the latest 346 drivers using apt-get install:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa
sudo apt-get install nvidia-346
sudo reboot
  • Hello there Thanks for the answer. I am not planning to play games on Linux yet. I just want the Linux to work for now so i can learn to use it. – Maiwand Apr 1 '15 at 23:38

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