Juju: www.juju.ubuntu.com

Who is the owner of Juju, Canonical?


Yes, Canonical is the owner.

From Wikipedia:

Juju (formerly Ensemble) is an open source service orchestration management tool developed by Canonical Ltd., the company behind Ubuntu. Juju allows software to be quickly deployed, integrated and scaled on a wide choice of cloud services or servers.

From Canonical.com:

Juju is the Ubuntu project’s service orchestration tool, which simplifies the installation and management of cloud applications.

See here for references:

Canonical projects list

Wikipedia article on Juju

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    To add on: Juju is a cloud orchestration tool by Canonical, which is open source and not limited to orchestration of Ubuntu machines (also can do Windows and soon CentOS) – Marco Ceppi Mar 29 '15 at 17:11

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