I have just completed hadrware installation of my new RAID server which will run with Ubuntu Server OS. I have installed Ubuntu Server OS and everything run seemingly without problems.

However, I have few questions, I can not find answer to anywhere. I hope, I can find them here.

Server Info:

  • Ubuntu Server 14.04.2 TLS
  • Adaptec RAID 72405
  • Ubuntu Server is installed on separate SATA HDD, which is not part of the Adaptec RAID field
  • RAID Level 6 used


  1. Adaptec offers Ubuntu drivers for the RAID 72405 controller. Do I need to install them? Apparently, I can access the RAID folder. Is the Ubuntu driver needed only if the OS itself is installed on the RAID field?

  2. I consider populating 50% of HDD bays now, and remaining 50% later, when needed. Will this be possible even if no Adaptec drivers are installed? After rebuilding the RAID 6, will I need to additionally increase Ubuntu partitions? Can the RAID 6 rebuild be done with all the data present, and the data won't be damaged aftr the rebuild?

  3. How to correctly initialize the hardware RAID folder? Currently it it as /etc/sda on the server.

Thanks in advance.

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