I've been trying lots of workarounds still I cannot find that specific code line for changing that background.

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I looked at solutions here and here but my problem appears to be slightly different because everything is fine during surfing the files it's only when renaming a folder or a file it becomes grey and with grey-white font so it doesn't look distinctive. What I want is to replace grey background to darker one that's it.


I tried a trick to combine/mix this theme with files/codes from other themes just to find out where is it hidden, I replaced gtk2.0 folder with other gtk2.0 theme folder but nothing had changed but when I replaced gtk3.0 folder with the same from other theme the background was black indeed, though the theme appeared afterwards awkward of course but as I far as I can see it's gotta be somewhere in gtk3.0


After applying fix:

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After working around for hours with help of theme developer I finally came up with a solution for Nautilus, so to change background entry color when renaming a folder or a file you need to create a small code inside theme folder exactly at:

sudo -H gedit /usr/share/themes/name-of-the-theme/gtk-3.0/nautilus-entry-section.css

and add this code:

NautilusCanvasViewContainer.view EelEditableLabel.entry {
background-image: none;

You can edit your way refering to a color even blue or yellow etc... When done, save & close.

Now we should give gtk-main a path to read it be named gtk-main.css mostly or only gtk.css:

sudo -H gedit /usr/share/themes/name-of-the-theme/gtk-3.0/gtk-main.css

And going all the way to the bottom add at the end:

@import url("nautilus-entry-section.css");

Save & close it. That's it, done!

Just use a tweak tool to reload a theme.

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