Simple problem: I have a JSON file that is used for snapshot serialization of a JS-based VM.

It contains a shitload of data and every single editor crashes while trying to open it, except vim. But, vim, of course - can't right click and copy the whole file into the clipboard.

When trying out vim-gtk, vim-nox, vim-gnome etc., they don't offer a proper GTK GUI for Gnome3. They all missed updating the library to GTK3, so I have no menu, no mouse, no context menus etc. there.

So I can't open the file with any GTK based editor (mousepad, leafpad, geany, gedit, etc. - all will crash, trust me). I tried out every single editor that was mentioned on Google Fu lists, forum posts etc. Really, all will crash because you can't simply deactivate syntax highlighting.

I simply want the text content of the whole file in the clipboard, so I can paste it into the Web Browser of my choice.

How to achieve that?

PS: No, I won't install whole KDE for a simple clipboard task.

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You could try pastebinit, you'll get a link to open the json file in your browser:

sudo apt-get install pastebinit
cat data.json | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com

Remove the extension of the file, I assume that it is "json". Therefore no syntax highlighting should be applied.

$ cp your_file.json your_file
$ gedit your_file
  • Where can the extensions for gedit, for example, be found? Mar 27, 2015 at 12:15
  • cp your_file.json your_file and then gedit your_file
    – A.B.
    Mar 27, 2015 at 12:23

emelFM2 is a file manager that comes with an internal GTK-based text viewer and editor (bound to F3 and F4). It has no syntax highlighting. To install use the emelFM2 PPA (release).

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