in my machine I have a partition that I mount after logging in. Usually it is mounted in


Since yesterday (I don't know what I did)

it is mounted in


and the mounting point /media/Data remains empty (with unknown size).

Does anyone have a clue about what happened?



For some reason the empty directory is not automatically deleted after the removal of the device


  • Remove the old mount point

    sudo rmdir /media/Data
  • Remove the device and insert it again


As there already is a folder named /media/Data the automounter creates another one named /media/Data_ as mounting point to avoid using a folder that you may have created for something else.

If you remove the folder /media/Data the automounter will use /media/Data as mounting point the next time you mount your partition.

Maybe you didn't properly unmount the partition the last time so the mounting point didn't get removed.


To avoid something like this in the future, I'd recommend, that you use the blkid of the device and create a new fstab entry.

E.g. (need to be root)

mars ~ # sudo blkid
/dev/sdb1: LABEL="backup" UUID="581df838-483f-432f-93ca-64945def428c" TYPE="xfs" 

Entry in fstab

mars ~ # sudo nano /etc/fstab 
UUID="581df838-483f-432f-93ca-64945def428c" /backup xfs defaults 0 0

With this method, this exact device will always be mounted like you configured it in /etc/fstab, and your error/problem disappears.

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