I previously had windows 8.1 preinstalled on my pc, later i dual booted it with ubuntu 14.04, then i later accidentally removed my windows, currently my pc boots from UEFI , where i still have "windows boot loader" as an option. i have completely formatted all the space and currently have just ubuntu 14.04 on my pc. my partiotions are: 1.home (linux filesystem) 2.root (linux filesystem) 3.swap 4.A (NTFS) 5.B (NTFS) I made two huge ntfs partitions so that i could later install windows on them. it would be really helpful if you could guide me through this. Thanks in advance.


You already have Ubuntu 14.04. Good. Now Create a new primary NTFS partition size about 50G and make flag as "boot" with the Gparted Software in Ubuntu. Write down the partition name and number and size. Now install windows 8.1 on this specific NTFS partition using your windows 8.1 CD. Ubuntu will appear to disappear temporarily. Do not worry. It is still there on the Ubuntu specific preserved partition.Note the Ubuntu partition name & size & number. Now download and Install the free Easybcd bootloader from the site below and follow the steps to add a new entry Linux to windows 8.1 boot loader.


Save. Reboot and select either windows 8.1 or Ubuntu from the boot list. It worked for me. If it works or helps click on the like button to guide other users. sserve2006

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