Firefox's website provides binary tarballs that I can easily extract and run, is there anything similar available for either Chrome or Chromium?

If not, how can I compile so I can run it the same way as the extracted files of binary tarball?

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All the Chromium builds for different systems are stored here as zip archives.

Binaries for Linux: 32 bit | 64 bit
(It takes a while to load the list)

The latest 64-bit version is located here:


Where LATEST is contents of the file located here:


If you need the 32-bit version, remove _x64 from those links

This allows us to make a script to automatically download the latest build:

wget $CHROMIUM_ROOT/$CHROMIUM_LATEST/chrome-linux.zip

In short there are no official tarballs of Chrome but if you don't mind breaking your profile you can try the continuous build tarballs mentioned in this Chromium-discuss group (and definitely avoid the nightly builds).

If you are on Ubuntu you are far better off using prepackaged version of Chrome. Google provide Chrome repositories for the major Linux distributions. If you're desperate, you could always download the deb/rpm and extract the contents and get the whole caboodle going with the wrapper script from a continuous build...

  • The prepackaged version of Chromium (in the offical repositories) is like 3 versions stale. If you're going to suggest using prebuilt binaries, you need to mention this guy. Google does offer an official repository for their Chrome browser, but the asker specifically mentioned Chromium (probably because he doesn't want Google breathing down his neck ;) Feb 7, 2013 at 19:50

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