For testing emails I don't want to actually send an email out (and can't anyway as ISP blocks port 25).

I have installed Sendmail, and what I want to do is install a mail server on the same pc that is sending the email which I can simply send the emails to, and receive them on my pc.

so I am looking for a couple of guides.

  1. install and configure sendmail correctly for this.
  2. install and configure a mail server correctly for this.
  3. setup mail client (evolution) to connect to the mail server

Can anyone help with this?

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    Is there a reason why you chose Sendmail over Exim, Postfix or others? – qbi Sep 6 '11 at 14:22

Take a look here.

Forget about sendmail, it's just too complicated for testing purpuses. You'll need a program to receive emails (that would be postfix) and a mail delivery agent to get the mails to your client via POP3 or IMAP. This could be dovecot - to use with postfix just use the dovecot-postfix package. The guide mentioned above explains what you have to do.


Its actually pretty easy to enable sendmail to send mail out from localhost. Its just a single change in the default sendmail.cnf file , then start the sendmail service. I do this all the time with cron scheduled jobs that send emails. I don't remember the exact line number to edit but I know that its easy to spot if you just read through the config file.

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