I noticed that the search results of settings in the gnome shell overview stay in English although my system language is German. I doesn't really disturb me but I'm wondering a bit why this happens. Does anyone have an idea how I can change the language of the search results? When I open them the settings app is opened in German again. Kind of weird I think. Thanks a lot for your help! My gnome version is 3.14.3 on Ubuntu 14.10.

Screenshot of the Gnome Shell Overview - System language is German but the search results of the settings are in English.


This is about the translation of the gnome-control-center package. For instance, the info in the "Details" entry is fetched from the file /usr/share/applications/gnome-info-panel.desktop. So either the strings are not (yet) translated into German, or it's some kind of bug. You may want to file a bug to call the translators' attention to it.

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