I have a very small partition where / is installed (on an SSD).

I would like to start programming something for Ubuntu Phone via the SDK.

Unfortunately I do not have enough space to install the necessary "Kit" to program for the armhf architecture (my disk fill up and then the installation of the kit fails).

So, how can I tell to Ubuntu SDK to move these data (the ones linked to the chroots that it makes) to somewhere else?

I could also use some symlinks and manually move the folders, but I do not know which they are.


After looking carefully at the outputs from du and similar tools, I discovered that the big directory is /var/lib/schroot.

So I moved it to another place

sudo mv /var/lib/schroot ~/Dati/SDK

and the symlinked it

sudo ln -s ~/Dati/SDK/schroot /var/lib/

Until now, it works.

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