I am trying to have a backup copy of my laptop files using AeroFS.

AeroFS creates a folder in your home directory (similar to Dropbox) and syncs anything inside of it.

I would like to sync folders outside of the AeroFS folder such as Pictures, Documents, etc... I have tried using symbolic links, but AeroFS ignores them.

Is there another way to achieve this? A mount perhaps?


I have found a way: use bind mounts.

For every folder you wish to sync create a folder in AeroFS folder with similar name (user - your user name, folder - the name of the folder you want to sync):

mkdir /home/user/AeroFS/folder

Edit /etc/fstab:

sudo nano /etc/fstab

Add the following line for every folder you wish to sync with AeroFS:

/home/user/folder /home/user/AeroFS/folder none bind 0 0


sudo mount -a

And you're done.

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