I am new to Linux, so still don't understand much. Last week I installed Ubuntu 14.04.2 on my laptop with a dual boot configuration with Windows 7. At first, the wireless setup was not working. After reading and searching the web, I found in the Broadcom website a Linux driver for the wireless device to be setup in Linux. I followed the instructions, and after 30 minutes I finally got the driver installed and the wireless setup appeared in the menus. I configured it to find my wifi, found it, but after a million tries, it keeps asking for the password and never connects. I tested it on Windows, and I connect perfectly. Then I disabled the security in my wifi router (turned off the WPA/WEP security) and voila, the network connected in Ubuntu Linux. When I turn the security back on, it goes back to square one, asking for the password in a never ending cycle. I have searched everywhere on this problem, found a lot of people have encountered the same issue, followed their steps to fix the connection, but still no avail. I have reconfigured the network settings, driver, my router, and nothing. I doesnt want to accept the WEP/WPA security settings at all. Anyone have an easy fix other than the complex ones I have found on the web?

  1. Remove the driver that you installed, if do you have a fresh ubuntu install without data, please reinstall it, else try to uninstall the driver.
  2. Assuming that do you have a wired, connection, connect it.
  3. Install the package b43-fwcutter from the Software Center or with the command sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter
  4. Reboot

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