I use the default gnome-terminal. My workflow is to have two terminal windows opening side by side. The problem is I'm often typing in the wrong side which is not in focus.

Is there a way to make in-focus terminal window more obvious, by, for example, using different background colors for in-focus ones and out-of-focus ones?

Or are there any other terminal applications that have this functionality?

  • Can you provide more details? I tried compiz configuration manager as well as installed compiz-plugins but haven't found the right options to make the changes. Mar 20, 2015 at 17:07

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I found a solution. I can use the Dim Inactive in Compiz to make inactive windows dimmer. This works not only for gnome-terminal but also for any application windows.

BTW, The default dimming speed is slow. I used Fading Windows section in Compiz to speed it up.

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