I'm somewhat of a Ubuntu newb and have recently set-up a ubuntu VPS (on the azure network). I am using webmin / virtualmin as a means to administer the server and quickly * easily create and administer virtual hosting accounts.

After doing some package updayes via the webmin interface, the system rebooted. On relaunching webmin i could see that the apache server wasn't running. When I tried to restart it, webmin displayed the following error:

Failed to start service :

  • Starting web server apache2
      • The apache2 configtest failed. Output of config test was: AH00526: Syntax error on line 40 of /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/apn.codeclinic.de.conf: Invalid command 'php_admin_value', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration Action 'configtest' failed. The Apache error log may have more information.

If I comment out this line it just fails at the next php reference, and if I comment this one out it simply fails on the config file for the next virtual server(website).

So looking at the command shell I ran

sudo apt-get -f install

Which gives me the following areas of interest(it prints out a huge list of things but these are the most notable errors to me):

dpkg: error processing package php5-cgi (--configure):

subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1

dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of php5:

php5 depends on libapache2-mod-php5 (>= 5.5.9+dfsg-1ubuntu4.7) | libapache2-mod-php5filter (>= 5.5.9+dfsg-1ubuntu4.7) | php5-cgi (>= 5.5.9+dfsg-1ubuntu4.7) | php5-fpm (>= 5.5.9+dfsg-1ubuntu4.7); however:

Package libapache2-mod-php5 is not configured yet.

Package libapache2-mod-php5filter is not installed.

Package php5-cgi is not configured yet.

Package php5-fpm is not installed.

dpkg: error processing package php5 (--configure): dependency problems - leaving unconfigured

No apport report written because MaxReports is reached already

No apport report written because MaxReports is reached already

Errors were encountered while processing:








E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

I also tried

sudo apt-get install --reinstall php5 -y

But get the following output:

Reading package lists... Building dependency tree... Reading state information... 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 1 reinstalled, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded. 7 not fully installed or removed. After this operation, 0 B of additional disk space will be used. E: Internal Error, No file name for php5:amd64

I'm now really stuck as all my clients websites are down, and stupidly it seems my backup schedule was never setup properly.

So I know I'm stupid, but please help. ;-)

  • Try sudo dpkg --configure -a.
    – Jos
    Commented Mar 20, 2015 at 14:11
  • @jos doesn-t work. just returns the same Commented Mar 20, 2015 at 14:40
  • You will need to solve the dependencies first or otherwise you will never be able to use apt-get again. At this point it may be wise to completely uninstall php5 and rerun my command, then try to install php5.
    – Jos
    Commented Mar 20, 2015 at 14:47
  • Just to limit my chances of messing it up even further, how do i 'completely uninstall php5' ? Commented Mar 20, 2015 at 15:07
  • So, i did 'sudo apt-get purge php5 -y' followed by 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' and that gives the same output essentially. Commented Mar 20, 2015 at 15:13

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Setting up a LAMP server, I go in the following order; 1. Apache, 2. PHP, 3. MySQL

So for you I would run the following commands:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall apache2
sudo apt-get install --reinstall php5

It won't remove the current configurations for either Apache or PHP but should at least be a bit more specific to troubleshoot then dpkg --configure -a as depending on which fails first Apache or PHP, you can then focus on where the problem lies.

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