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Is there any method available using which we can change the position of side bar laucher from left to right. I have installed the unity tweak tool but it only allows to auto hide the launcher. There are many tutorials which teaches about how to move launcher to the bottom but i am unable to find any links pertaining the position change to the right enter image description here

P.S. not to confuse with any other launcher i am uploading this picture

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You cannot move the launcher itself.

Here is the comment on a bug about it

But you can make it look like with Cairo dock.

sudo apt-get install cairo-dock

Now you can play around with configurations and move the dock to the right.

enter image description here

Make Unity's launcher auto-hide and you have a launcher (actually not launcher, it is dock ) on the right.

enter image description here

I like Ubuntu for its customizability. Do you?

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    Not being able to do something as basic as moving the default launcher to the right shows lack of customizability, not the opposite. Thanks for this workaround though – Francisco H. Aug 24 '16 at 15:39
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    @FranciscoH. Ubuntu has lots of customizations. You can easily change desktops as well as application launchers. Unity is new and can be dropped as a preference. Unity has its problems as in this case. But it's not forced on the Ubuntu users. I have the same grip as you see with Unity, but my grip is with Nautilus's lack of features. So I custimize my Ubuntu to use Nemo instead. Muzaffar, Yes! Me too. I like Ubuntu for its customizations. – L. D. James Jun 28 '17 at 7:06

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