if [ who | grep $user | grep pts ]
              write $user
                   message here

Here if I execute it, it is blocking at write and I have to enter a message manually and then press Ctrl+d.

Is there a way to send message and EOF through program?


You can pipeline your input from one program to another like this:

echo "message here"|write $user

or like this:

cat /tmp/message|write $user
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    Or even write $user < /tmp/message.
    – Jos
    Mar 20 '15 at 10:22

What you are probably looking for is the following style of writing it (equivalent to other methods)

write $user <<EOF
    message here
    as opposed to the
       echo "asd" | write $user
    method, using here-doc redirection transparently allows multiple lines
    and reads everything until seeing the delimiter
    so the sent message end here:

Note: you are not directly "sending an EOF" here, the shell just understands the word "EOF" as your chosen mark of ending the input and will end the input there - and write doesnt ask you to press ctrl+d in this case, because it is reading from the stuff the shell is piping to it.

Note 2: You may find useful knowing that pretty much every comand-line tool in the unix world allows for this kind of default shell tricks, as they are only relying on the incredibly universal concept of stdin - write, as many other tools, will read from what is piped to it - and only ask the user interactively for input if none such is present and a user input method would make sense.

For more info, there is a question asking for exactly this over here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2500436/how-does-cat-eof-work-in-bash


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