I have this issue with my number pad, that when I press the / instead of giving me the expected /, it gives a . Note that the unwanted slash is slightly more tilted than the expected one. Also, * gives ⋅, and - gives−. The + seems to work fine.

Using this website, I can determine that the faulty keys do give different values than expected.

∕ : Division Slash (Solidus)
⋅ : Dot Operator (Asterisk)
− : Minus Sign (Hyphen-Minus)

I put the wanted character in brackets. It seems that my numpad is in some kind of math mode. I don't want to remap the keys to the wanted value, I instead want to fix the problem, this should be possible, as the problem first occurred a while ago while typing math equations in gedit.

EDIT: The same thing happens with the . button on the numpad giving , instead of the expected .

I am using Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 LTS, with a Dell SK-8115 keyboard.

If I go to my system settings, my keyboard layout is English (US). If I view the layout I see this:enter image description here If you look on the numpad's period key, it shows a , above the Del text, instead of the wanted period. For the other key, it shows multiple values, e.g. the / shows two slashes, and a division symbol.


I found a solution!

If I ran dconf-editor in the terminal, nagivated to org.gnome.desktop.input-sources, this window would show up:

The xkb-options had some values in it, after clicking Set to Default, the values were deleted, and my buttons were restored to what I wanted them to do.

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